Too many parks, too little time. 

Being a mom managing a “for fun and sharing site” with 3 kids, you don’t get to cover as much physical ground and often seek out help through other people and google searches.  Local news, local message boards and local groups are all tremendous resources for finding what you need. Today I’m sharing a toddler playground thread from a very active forum M/SO Community Forum, from  Maplewood Online, THE place to visit for anything Maplewood. Also here is a short listing of parks in Maplewood from the township site.  I’d be interested to visit these parks but also open to guest posts from members of the Maplewood Community.   So visit the M/SO Community forum if you need info for parks in Maplewood in the interim.  I’ll leave this particular post up w/links even after we get all the parks covered, because active forums are so dynamic they are bound to have some new info long after an original blog post was created. 

If interested in contributing, comment on this post.