Warren Twp. Municipal Playground, Warren *guest post*

By Sara Rall:

Warren Township’s playground is at the south end of Bardy Rd., off Mountain Blvd., Warren (Somerset Co.). Follow Bardy Rd. around in a big circle to get to the parking lot.

They have a large pavilion with a bathroom that is sometimes unlocked, a climbing structure for young children and two for older kids, lots of swings and infant swings, a spinner you stand on, a gazebo, and a large sandy area with a digger and a giant funnel.

It is fairly shady. There is a brook next to the playground with a bridge that is popular for tossing rocks into the water.

Cold Stone Creamery and Quiznos are across Mountain Blvd. and just west of Bardy Rd.

UPDATE: This playground got a facelift!!!

46 Mountain Blvd., Warren, NJ.

From the Warren Township Recreation site:

“Located at the Municipal Complex replacing the 68×73 ft area where swings use to be with a burgundy green and tan mega tower, swings and carousel! It’s loaded with 37 different climbing implements including 2 bridges, 5 slides, in which 2 are very long tube slides. Included is a fun phone ground to ground for the talkative kids. It has a ramp for wheelchair availability (ADA compliance) leading to a small slide and busy panels such as brail, sign language, calypso drum and cylinder planet. There are 4 swings, two ADA compliant swings and a tire swing. Also a tot swing set will be installed near the tot lot.”

I’m adding some additional pictures from Sara’s visit there last May as well!
Her remarks: “Warren Municipal got a facelift, with a wonderful big climbing structure which you have posted on your site, but all the previous equipment is still
there, including a toddler play set, a medium-sized climber, an innovative climber for much older children, a stand-up spinner, a merry-go-round, and a cool sand area with funnel and digger.”

Warren Municipal Playground

Sara's Pictures from May 2010

All pictures shown below:

3 thoughts on “Warren Twp. Municipal Playground, Warren *guest post*

  1. UPDATE: Warren Township is renovating this playground. As of October 09, the toddler section is still open. It’s all due to reopen in November 09. Basically, they are reducing the number of swings, moving the infant swings closer to the toddler area, and replacing the other swings with a large, ADA accessable play structure and a merry-go-round. All the current play structures and the nice sand area will still be there. So it should be a big improvement.

  2. Rumor has it that they will be adding to the little kid section this year, with some bouncy animals and a climber. Will keep you posted.

  3. As of April 2015, the bathrooms are regularly locked, but portapotties are provided. The water fountain also seems to have disappeared. More benches have been installed for parents recently.

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