Lyndhurst Town Park, Lyndhurst, NJ

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From “The Bergen County Playground Guide”:
ADDRESS: 367 Valley Brook Ave
DIRECTIONS: NJ-3 E to the Park Ave/Riverside Ave exit. Turn left onto Rutherford Ave. Turn right onto Delafield Ave.
DESCRIPTION: The best of the best! This playground is awesome. As you enter the park you feel like you’re on vacation. There is an ampi-theater with seating, a fountain, a spray ground, and a massive playground. The playground has three structures in a completely enclosed area that has solid surface ground cover. The equipment is all new with tons and tons of climbing and playthings. There are plenty of swings for everyone.

PARKING: Street parking
PICNICKING: There are several tables throughout the park but also plenty of room to lay out a blanket for a picnic.
HANDICAP: There is one handicap swing but this ground surface makes it a dream to maneuver around. There are plenty of playthings down low to be able to have an afternoon of fun.
CLIMBING: Corkscrew poles, climbing walls, monkey bars, ring, swinging rings, log rolls, pedal runners, bridges, tunnels, mushroom caps, spider web climber
PLAYTHINGS: Tic-tac-toe, steering wheels, peek a boo circles, store front, race car
SLIDES: One triple, one double, one tube, three chutes, one toddler, one toddler double
SPORTS: Bocce, bring your own equipment
SWINGS: Six full size, five toddler, one handicap
WALKING PATHS: Paved throughout the entire park
WATER: Nice fountain in the center of the park that has two levels of spraying
OTHER COOL STUFF: The park has a spray ground that is open to the public. The playground is open daily from 9am to 8pm. At closing, the gates to both areas are locked. The town provides security for each area during open hours.
MAKE A DAY OF IT: I doubt you’ll need to leave but if you want to get out of the sun, there is a shopping plaza right across the street with several stores like Dollar Tree, Chinese food restaurants, Dunkin Donuts, etc.

367 Valley Brook Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ. Sprayground in Summer open 10AM-4PM. Picture worth a thousand words, great sprayground fenced in for the younger kids, bring a chair if you want a seat, some benches but it can get crowded. You can park on the side of the playground. So both areas are fenced, and there is some shade, but not on all structures.

My son loved this park, and can’t wait to go again. The playground is mainly school-age, 5 and up. Swings for both toddler and older kids. Very nice people there, very NEW park, and excited for Lyndhurst, I loved the volunteers there, they are identified by the police t-shirts and are very dutiful in making sure the kids follow the arrows down the spray tunnel and don’t stand on the spray jets (which my sons seem to enjoy most). For more information on Lyndhurst, and their community calendar for Movies in the Park, see


  1. Becky

    Playgound is very nice and well protected with rubber padding under all play surfaces! The sprayground was very nice but a bit smaller then expected. What you see in the picture is all that is there.

  2. Mirella

    My toddler enjoyed this place. It’s on the small side but very nice and safe.

  3. Karen

    I went with 4 kids, ages ranging from 1-8 and they all had an amazing time. The park part is very nice and the spray part is a little separate from it. There is also a nice big waterfall too. The whole park is not so so big, but my kids did not stop saying how much fun they had!

  4. LB

    I was here last Friday. I was really impressed witht this park. There’s is a wonderful flowing fountain with lightings that changes color. Beautiful wooden stage and lovely seating for outdoor concerts..etc. Nice small playground for the kids. Must visit just for the fountain.

  5. josie

    With all of the money that Lyndhurst pulls in from their taxpayers, ya’d think that they could have made this park a mite bigger;
    such wasted space in this area, between the stage area and the fountain; excuse me for complaining, but whoever designed this entire area (entire area: fountain, stage area, kiddie park)didnt know what the heck he or she was doing.

  6. Gina

    Great park. My kids enjoyed themselves.

  7. Seriously

    I do not think these commentators have seen the majority of parks in the majority of towns. This one is HUGE compared to most. And it has an extra little splash park. I wish my town had a park half this size. I wish my town had this splash park. Quit your complaining. Besides, Lyndhurst taxes are some of the lowest in the county. This is one of the nicest parks I have been to and I have been to many all over NJ.

  8. Dawn

    Instead of complaining about the sprinkler park. You should be happy the town did something for the kids. I live in Bloomfield we pay alot of taxes here also and the town dont do anything for the kids like Lyndhurst does. Maybe you should open your eyes and take a look at other towns.

  9. Ras

    Anyone know the timing for water park? Everyday? Or once a week?

  10. ras

    Till what time the water park is open? Is it open all through the week?

  11. admin

    yes it is open daily according to Lyndhurst website: Mon- Sunday 10AM-4PM

  12. Val

    Is there still a picnic area and is there a fee to enter? Thanks

  13. Lisa

    This park doesn’t have a lot of shade, so it gets really warm on chilly Fall and Winter days. Also, they have someone monitoring it, to there’s no grafiti and it is kept impecably clean! My son also love watching the waterfall change! (He’s 4.)

  14. Brenda

    I was at the spraypark last August before the season ended . This was our first time!!! We can t wait to return. About the place being too small? I am from Livingston and for those who do not know. it is a wealthy area and this little park beats it…

  15. gen

    Omg….ihavent been to the park yet but i was told by many ppl in my town of kearny that its very nice etc…etc.. if some of you moms don’t like the park because its small this an that! Well try the one in harrison nice and ghetto! Maybe that one will suit you better!!!!!

  16. Tara

    Is there a convenient bathroom where a child can be changed? (particularly in/out of a bathing suit) Thanks!

  17. Chrissy

    When does the park open this year?

  18. Kathleen Ann Bianco

    I just viewed the pictures of the waterpark. Fantastic! This looks so inviting for the children to have a fun place to go, to enjoy the whole set of play equipment and to spend a fun day in their Town. Kudos to the Board for putting this wonderful addition to the park in place!

  19. vitina connolly

    The park is beautiful. My grand daughters love it. Being a mother of 4 children all ages less then 1 year apart, I only wish I had the luxury of this park when my children were younger.

    To the Commissioners, A job well done & well planned, for the beneifit of our’s and their community.
    thank you

  20. victoria

    They now charge ine dollar per person and they are really strict about swim diapers for those not potty trained.

  21. Annoyed

    Keeping in mind this is a PARK there are still several rules, don’t come expecting your kids can play ball or frisbee, ride bikes, skate, or generallyback like a kid, and they have bullied security there to be sure of it too.The town has shown thier greedy side this year by charging $1 for the sprinklers as well (even if you are a Lyndhurst resident!) A shame this place had great potential,,,

  22. JT

    In response to the poster who calls himself/herself “annoyed”: From what I understand, the town is charging a one dollar fee, to enter the spray park, in order to prevent it from shutting down. The one dollar charge in order to defray the operating costs, in addition to the necessary repairs & overall maintenance, is not quite what I would describe as “greedy”. There are a variety of activities going on in that park each & every day. From a state-of-the-art kiddie park and, of course, the fantastic spray area to a beautiful amphitheater (which hosts free outdoor concerts, graduation ceremonies, weddings and a fabulous setting for picture taking!!) There is a giant wall suitable for tennis practice, wiffle ball, etc. on a cement area where tykes certainly do ride bikes and skate. The sidewalks have been widened and are now wheelchair and baby carriage accessible, unlike before. There is a serene section, by the beautiful fountain, offering an area for all ages to enjoy themselves. There is no such thing as “bullied security” whatsoever. What you will find are a few rules set in place in the hopes of preserving an outstanding and refurbished town park.

  23. The Mambo Queen /aka Estela

    I love this we have a great water park for everyone to enjoy , and the price is awesome $1.00 to get in so no matter where you live and its for the whole day, your welcome to bring your children, friends and family and have a great time….They also have a concession stand and picnic tables

  24. Lottie

    I am a resident of Lyndhurst and do not have children but visit the park often. Most out of towners I take with me always comment on the parks beauty.

    I believe the price of the spray ground is affordable. I know for a fact that another Bergen County Spray Park (which is larger) charges more than $20 or more for each season.

  25. JT

    I neglected to mention the bocce ball court which is available to anyone, of all ages, who requests the key!! This has been happily used by the township’s handicapped program as well as a variety of groups & individuals!! And yes, there are brand new picnic tables, a concession stand and rest rooms, on site, for everyone’s convenience.

  26. NM

    When does this open?

  27. admin

    Date: 6/17/2013
    Event:Water Park Opening
    Time: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

    from Lyndhurst Town Website….

  28. Jennifer

    How do we go about throwing a birthday party for my soon to be 2 yr old

  29. Lisi

    My daughter is 3 1/2, park is perfect for her.. Not much more you can ask for & you have a little water spray park for only $1

  30. Rebecca

    Hi, we’re a blended family of 5 and my toddler has much older siblings, 20, 18, 14, and 12…is there something the older ones can do while the toddler is splasing? Can adults get splashed too, or just toddlers? Thanks,

  31. Lisa

    can you bring your dog (2o lbs) to this park?

  32. Sameer

    What is the last day the splash will be open?

  33. Tam

    Need help, tried going to this playground a week ago and unfortunately I was unable to find it! I put the name in the gps didn’t work, then I put the address also didn’t work. Any gps tips on how to find this place! Thanks in advance!

  34. Lucinda

    Is this free for the public or is there an admission fee?

  35. liane

    I live in this town….too many people from out of town come in, its not safe anymore. you literally have to watch every move your kid makes. there has been police coming to this park continuously for drunk people….a man trying to talk to kids….another man was taking off his shirt,trying to give kids money. this park has changed. not recommended in my book. i live in this town and still wont bring my child there anymore.

  36. Robert Romano

    Would you mind letting me know when does the splash park close for the season? Will it be open through September?

  37. edward j.matuszewski

    I went to this park growing up in the 1960s.nowadays it remains to be a safe park to spend a day with your children .


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