Harry Dunham Park, Bernards Twp., NJ

Corner of Liberty Corner Rd./Church St. and Somerville Rd. in Liberty Corner, Bernards Twp., Somerset Co.

Guest Post by Sara Rall:  Huge, new, sunny playground on the top of a hill.  There is a large structure for little children with several slides, bridges, tubes and gadgets.

There’s a large bouncy dinosaur and some bouncing vehicles, balance beams, and a huge beach volleyball court that is usually used as a giant sandbox. Lots of swings, too.


But the highlight is the structure for older kids, with a several slides off a walk-through dinosaur, and many intertwined tunnels and bridges to climb through.

There are tents set up to try to deal with the lack of shade, but this park gets very hot mid-day in the summer. There are several pavilions and a
bathroom complex that is clean and open year-round. There are also lots of paved paths perfect for bike riding, a disc-golf course, and a street hockey rink.

One of the best playgrounds in the area.

2 thoughts on “Harry Dunham Park, Bernards Twp., NJ

  1. Love, love, love this park! Everything is huge at this playground:
    – huge open grass area with amazing views of/from the hills
    – huge sand pit with communal sand toys. And if there are no babies playing in sand, it can be used for a volleyball game with older kids or fellow parents.
    – huge playground area with conveniently distributed seats for parents. Seats have backs, therefore they are – comfortable for nursing.
    – huge covered picnic area with a HUGE BBQ grill that you can rent
    – huge ride-on dinosaur (I saw five kids riding it!)

    The area at which this park is located is considered upscale, so it’s very very nice, clean and manicured at the park. But you can see a lot of rural charm down the road from the park: farm stands, grazing cows, wandering deer. And the air there is fantastic – fresh and clean.

  2. There is a great playground at Harry Dunham. But don’t forget to throw some bikes or scooters in the car too. There is a big loop for riding that goes right around the playground area.

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