montageA Sara Rall guest post:

Hillsborough Municipal Playground at the west end of the municipal complex at South Branch Rd. and Beekman La., Hillsborough, Somerset Co.

For the official Hillsborough Parks Website, check out this link
Hillsborough has a wonderful, big, shady wooden castle playground right next to the town hall. There are slides, bridges, tunnels, mirrors, tons of paths and hidden nooks. There is a huge enclosed sandbox with more toys than I’ve seen at any other playground. Climbing walls, zip line, baby swings, tire swing. Shady benches for parents right in the middle of it all.

The playground is well fenced and on a fairly quiet road. There are bathrooms and drinking fountains by the library in the municipal complex
next door.

This is definitely one of the best playgrounds in Somerset County (second only to Kid Street in Bridgewater), and one of the few remaining wooden castles in the state.