By Sara Rall- Hillside School, 844, Brown Ave., Bridgewater is yet another wonderful Bridgewater school playground. My kids’ favorite part is the slide on the way to the playground.

There are actually two playgrounds here, separated by a sports field. The older, wooden one is aimed at older children and can be a bit challenging for younger kids. It has several slides and walls to climb, and a greater variety of monkey bars than I’ve seen before.

The metal and plastic playground across the way is more appropriate for all ages, though Hillside School is a middle school, so none of the equipment is designed for very young children. There are several slides here, too, and monkey bars as well. They also have a set of pedals and hand cranks that my older kids find challenging.

There are 12 swings total, 6 by each section, but no infant swings. There is a gazebo nearby, but no bathrooms. The playground is very sunny, and gets hot midday in the summer.