Belleville Avenue and Parkview Avenue, Belleville, NJ.

Belleville Park belongs to Essex County and borders Branch Brook Park.  If you are looking for the playground in Branch Brook, the maps at Branch Brook don’t help much.   I spent the day touring Branch Brook Park, all over with my trio, not to find the playground that hobokenmetromom told me about.  She tried to help as well, God bless her soul, but my directionally-challenged self couldn’t do it, but luckily we found this great find.  By the way, there is a playground in Branch Brook Park and it is on Clifton Avenue.  We will visit it shortly.

Back to Belleville, when asking about the playground at Branch Brook, no one we talked to knew about it, but directed us to the one that borders it, Belleville Park.  A sunny park, not much shade, but some if you sit on the bricks under the trees.  Take care at the tunnel caterpillar, which doesn’t make it easy for parents to retrieve children stuck in the bottom.  Luckily my 2 are good climbers, so I didn’t have to fish them out.  Bathroom is close by, I didn’t check it out though, I think we were still dizzy about our adventure in trying to find the other park.