Another post by Sara Rall, a great contributor to this site 🙂 This is great timing since, Robyn just commented this on 9/26 as a favorite, shady playground: She says:

“White Oak Park in Branchburg (Somerset County). It is located on Baird Road across from Branchburg Central Middle School. It is an active recreation park with tennis courts, baseball and soccer fields, volleyball courts and a great SHADY playground. Its a nice size with several choices of what to play on.”

On with Sara’s Review!

235 Baird Rd., Branchburg, NJ

White Oak Park playground is fairly large and shady. It’s starting to show its age, but is not in any way falling apart. They have several interesting items including a very tall spiral tube slide, a rock-wall-style bridge, and a giant circular seesaw. There are two large climbing structures plus a small one for young children and a free standing double slide. Two bouncy animals, a few swings, and a boulder. There is a pavilion and bathrooms, and lots of picnic tables. There is a small pond with a pretty fountain a short walk away, and lots of playing fields.

On the way out of the park is another small, sunny, wooden playground aimed at smaller children, across a playing field and up a hill from the driveway.