Mabie Playground, Summit, NJ

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Update: No more bocce here, they have replaced the bocce court with swing sets. Hope the gentlemen found a new place to play!

Summit Ave. and Broad Street, Summit NJ.Â

What a nice group of gentlemen I met today playing bocce.  Lovely and popular playground, with some fencing to prevent the kids running into a very busy street.  Bocce courts are falling apart and could use some work, but this didn’t stop Pete and his friends, or was it Larry?  Bring your bocce, just watch out for running kids.Â

There are 2 playgrounds here, and a basketball court.

So, I’ve been looking for good town summaries, and realtors have some really nice ones, so if you are looking to move to Summit, here’s a really well put together informational site for Summit by Sue Adler.
Update: 2016- Pokemon Go Add Ins:

Ingress Map of Summit NJ

Summit NJ is full of Pokestops Ingress Map

Pokestops at Summit Y area

Up close at Mabie Park/Summit Y area in Summit NJ

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  1. sararall

    Mabie Playground is one block from the Summit train station. And one block beyond that is an ice cream store and several restaurants. It makes a very nice destination for a train ride.

    The park is shady and fairly spacious, with 2 separate sections of play equipment.


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