Castle (Shunpike) Playground, Chatham, NJ

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Shunpike Avenue, Chatham, NJ (can use Rolling Hill Court as intersecting street to find on Great busy playground, especially for older kids. There are a lot of rocks in the perimeter so be careful with your little ones, and a small gully. Shady Picnic tables close by make it convenient to bring an afternoon snack or lunch. I met some friendly moms here. Port-a-potties close by but didn’t check them out.

As a local NJ fan, I’m thrilled to find helpful links for people to get to know towns better. Realtors are amazing resources who really know their towns and share great information. I was happy to meet Sue Adler at a Wine Library/ Garyvee tweetup recently. She has one of the best town pages I’ve seen from realtors. Check out her Chatham Town Page when you get a chance. If you are considering moving, I highly recommend you to check out realtor websites, they have some helpful insights on towns.

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  1. sararall

    Shunpike used to be a wonderful wooden castle park. When I heard they tore it down and replaced it in 2007 I was so disappointed. But this new playground is truly wonderful, too. Plus you won’t lose track of your kids as you woudl at the old playground. Not as good for playing hide and seek, but, still… My kids (12, 10, 5 and 2) loved it. The only issue is that the 2 year old REALLY wanted to climb the “boulders” and I had to spend a lot of time holding her hand, etc.

  2. tartan94

    We went today based on the recommendation on this page – my 3 boys (2,3,4 yrs) loved it and said we should definitely go back. The big hit with them was the “roller” slide.

  3. cindy

    Park is now closed on weekdays due to construction at the field

  4. Lisa

    Does someone know an exact address to put in mapquest, I’m having trouble using google maps, and intersecting streets is not working for mapquest. It looks fun and I really wanted to try it with my 4 year old son!

  5. admin

    Hi lisa, I think Rolling Hill Court, madison NJ may help.. I had the same problem before!

  6. Maryanne

    This is for Lisa’s post from 10/23/10. Type in 553 Shunpike Rd, Chatham, NJ. I found the address by process of elimination, since the playground is on the same side as Long Hill Chapel (525 Shunpike Rd). At first I was sad when I saw that they replaced the wooden playgrounds with the new stuff. However, my daughter, who’s now 7, really enjoys this playground and wishes it was in her own back yard. The best part is that every week there always seems to be enough kids there that my daughter will find someone to play with.

  7. admin

    thanks Maryanne

  8. Anna

    Hi All,
    I’m looking for a place to hold my daughters 2nd birthday party. Do you know of a great playground in Union County with a rental facility on the property?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. rachel singleotn

    The conveyer belt / roller slide. AWESOME. My 3 boys, 5 yrs, 3 yrs & 14months LOVE this park and beg to go there all the time. Only downside – it’s not fenced in.

  10. Elva Soto

    I have a 2 year old grandson who has SMA, with this condition he can not sit up on his own. I can not find a playground that is ADA. He loves the swings and slides.
    The bucket swings are not good for him. He needs a swing that is like a chair. Can you help me. We are in the Morris Town area.

  11. Kate Parkinson-Gee

    @ Elva Soto-try Grove Street in Chester..they have swings like that and also the Horseshoe park in Roxbury does too! one way in one way out there too so it’s lovely and secure!

  12. Dana

    I just ran into this park on my way home today. I live in New Providence. This is such a great park! Absolutely beautiful, well kept, clean. My 4 year old daughter loved every part of it especially the roller slide. And plenty of swings to go around. The only down side, there is only a porter potty. I was expecting something better. SO my daughter held it in til we got home 🙁 Other than that, TWO THUMBS UP!!

  13. Franchise

    @ Dana, what in the world is a porter potty?


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