Woodland School, Warren, NJ

Guest post by Sara Rall:

Woodland School playground (114 Stirling Rd., Warren, Somerset County) is a lovely, shady school playground with some interesting equipment. They have a very nice 4-person bouncy see-saw, a fire-truck climber, a rolling log, a very complex set of monkey bars, tire swing and regular swings.

There are giant maps of New Jersey and the United Stated painted on the blacktop, as well as 4-square boxes. The playground is behind the school, far from the road and generally fairly shady. There is a porta-potty next to the playground, in case the school is locked.

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  • Sara

    Head south on Stirling Rd. to the light at Reinman and turn right. Ciro’s is a little ways down; great pizza.

    Or go north on Stirling Rd. to end: right is Burger King, Panera’s, Children’s Place, Old Navy
    and left is Stirling Diner and Learning Express Toys.

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