I found this park very hard to get to, so I can’t even post an address, because my GPS isn’t updated with this location.  Here is a link to directions:  http://www.hackensackriverkeeper.org/LHCP_directionsA.html

So let’s get to the playground, it was very breezy but since it is hard to get to it I’m guessing that is why it is pretty empty.  I did see some parents around though and across the way is a ballfield where there was a team practicing baseball.  Not much shade, and the metal slide gets pretty hot in the sun, so be careful!  In relatively good shape except for a crack on the bubble shown in the pics below.  Very close to the water, hence the breeze, I’m sure there is much more nature to see, but we concentrated on the play area.  Check out this article, for more information http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1594/is_4_12/ai_76020608