Thomae Park, Bridgewater, NJ

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Guest Post by Sara Rall:
Thomae Park, at the southeast end of Nagle St., Bridgewater (or Bound Brook), Somerset County.

Thomae Park has a charming playground tucked away in the farthest east section of Bridgewater (which really should be part of Bound Brook, as my GPS insists it is). It’s wonderfully shady and almost never crowded.

There is a large climbing structure good for younger children with a cool tube slide leading to a tunnel. This is connected to a tall section for older kids by a curved climber. There are mushrooms, monkey bars, and pedals.

They also have the cutest little flower swings plus standard infant and regular swings. There is a Tarzan-style zip line, and a cute 2-person bouncer.

There is a basketball court and a baseball field and a porta-potty. At the other end of the parking lot is a woodland trail along Bound Brook which is beautiful and shady but can be a bit swampy.

3 thoughts on “Thomae Park, Bridgewater, NJ

  1. I’m going to begin reviewing local playgrounds with my twins. Here is our first video!

  2. where’s the link? let us know!!! make sure you check out our Somerset county parks listings..

  3. The baseball field, at Thomae Park, brings back a lot of memories. I was the coach for the Bridgewater Little Loop teams there in 1973 and 1974. I was just 19 and 20 years old then.

    The boys from the 1973 Giants were Kurt Bolmer, Steve Brong, Greg Buongiorno, Francis Cotchan, Peter DeMaria, Dwayne Domanich, David Drake, Barry Haftel, Keith Kavanaugh, Jeff Matherson, Joe Olivo, Jr., Brian Pershyn, Tom Scully, Peter Suttmeier, and Chris Wilson. They finished the season at 11-5.

    The boys from the 1974 Twins were Scott Bechorn, Kurt Bolmer, Jeb Brown, Peter Cornick, Steven Dazzo, Dwayne Domanich, Glen Flint, Peter Franks, Mark Johnson, Mike McCormick, George Meyers, Ricky Richard, Bill Reith, Larry Rose, Peter Suttmeier, and Tim Tierney. They went 6-6.

    All these boys would be in their late 50’s now. I wonder if any still live in the area.

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