Trying out wordpress for this section of the NJ Playgrounds website- During our family vacation, we visited Ocean City Playground as well as the Ocean City beach and boardwalk. The Ocean City Playground is located on 1st and Haven Avenue, Ocean City NJ. When you are tired of the beach and boardwalk, it’s a nice place to go, and very clean port-a-potties, (at least the day we went). Thanks to the Sayahs from Verbank, NY and the Oesterles from PA for taking the pictures! (they expired so we need new ones!)

We also stopped at the Cape May County Zoo which was a half hour away, here are some pictures. Note that the train is a very short ride, and is very tiny so not comfortable for adults, not much sight seeing with it either, didn’t think it was worth it, but my sons like trains. Zoo is free! and it is a great one, complete with tigers giraffes, otters, monkeys and zebras. Very shady which is great in the summer. As you get to the zoo parking right before are 2 playgrounds, one for school-age and one for pre-school. not much shade, close to the picnic tables.