Crim School Playground

Sara Rall Guest Post-

Crim School playground, 1300 Crim Rd., Bridgewater (Somerset Co.) is another of Bridgewater Township’s incredible collection of school playgrounds. The main climbing structure has slides, bridges, tubes, poles, climbing walls, a net bridge, mushroom caps, spiral pole, parallel inclined poles,
log roller, zip line, even more.

Then there is a smaller structure with a climbing mountain, planet display,tubes, slides, bridges, mirrors, store front.

They have a curved balance beam, a 4 person seesaw, 3 bouncy animals, a huge bouncing balance beam, lots of regular and one infant swing. There is a lovely gazebo with benches nearby. Big, empty parking lot popular with young bike riders.

Unfortunately it is very sunny and there are no bathrooms, but otherwise, spectacular.

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