Green Acres Park, North Plainfield, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall-

Green Acres Park, on Rockview Terrace just southeast of Green Brook Rd. in North Plainfield (Somerset Co.) is a fairly new playground in a lovely park. The playground features a large structure for older kids and a smaller one
for younger ones, plus a tall, free-standing slide, and rocking dino and alligator. I took the pictures the day they were delivering mulch; generally the ground cover is better than in the photos.

Next to the playground is a shady picnic grove with swings, and lovely Green Brook, with a big rocky “beach”. My kids could spend hours throwing rocks in the water.

The park is very popular with dog walkers for the beautiful path around a pond with fountains. A lovely oasis in a fairly built-up area.

2 comments to Green Acres Park, North Plainfield, NJ

  • Tevonda

    This is a very lovely park indeed. It’s quite large, with a large flat grassy area, great for picnicing. There are barbecue grills and picnic tables on the other side, near the playgrounds. The equipment/playground structure is safe for my 18 month old and there are swings for babies/toddlers and big kids. Good parking. However, I did not see a bathroom. I live close by, so I’m able to go home if need be. I’m glad North Plainfield maintains such a nice family fun area.

  • Jasmine

    Do u know a place where the grills ate free

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