Snyder Ave. Park, Berkeley Heights, NJ

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Guest Post by Sara Rall-

Snyder Ave. Park, just north of the train tracks (and a few blocks south of Springfield Ave.) on Snyder Ave. in Berkeley Heights, Union Co. just opened in October 2010.
The playground is set back from the road and completely surrounded by a fence (with 2 gates). The surface is rubber matting, so no wood chips to get in little shoes. There are two main play structures, one standard one for younger children and one for larger with several slides, several kinds of climbing walls, a rope wall, monkey bars, suspended “mushrooms”, and two kinds of spinners: one standing and one hanging.

There are several swings including infant and handicapped. There’s a balance beam as well.

The playground also includes a small football-themed spray ground, fenced from the main playground which was very popular this fall for wrestling and running around in, despite the lack of water.

There are brand-new beautiful bathrooms, a perfectly smooth blacktop walking/biking path, lighted ball fields, and the train comes by every so often (visible from the playground but not next to it).

The only drawback is a lack of shade due to its brand-new-ness. Come in the evening and enjoy.


  1. jessalynn

    just a recent update: the water in the sprinkler area shuts off firmly at 8:00 PM and the water is NOT freezing, it’s lukewarm, as it’s heated by the sun.

    They also recently (within the last 4 days) removed the second slide on the ‘big kid’ jungle gym. We’re thinking it was because kids were going down it REALLY fast (when wet from the sprinkler area) and landing firmly on their backs.

  2. Brenda

    I took my 2 1/2 yr old grandson middle of August and i love it as much as he did. He loved the water sprinklers and they squirt different heights. Also the playground is closed in but what is really nice is the sprinkler area is enclosed with its on enclosure. Yet everything is together in sight. I want to go back before water closes for the season…

  3. Andy

    We heard that there was a spraypark here.. so we came and were very disappointed to find that the water was not turned on. It doesn’t make sense why the spraypark was not operational – considering that it’s Labor Day weekend & the temps in the mid-80°s.

  4. Jessy

    What a wonderful playground! I just took my 23 month old daughter on 9/8/11 and did not come prepared for the spray ground, shame on me because it was a wonderful afternoon and my little one was very curious about it. I tough that area would be closed or off as per the last comments. However I noticed while there that the water went off suddenly, I asked another mom and she explained that there is a “button” you press and it sprays for a while, you would have to press again for it to continue. I wonder if that is what happened with the other visitors that found it off? I was just wondering when will they turn off for good the water for the season. If anyone knows please post.

  5. cheri L

    Is there a spray park at this park??? I think Ive read about it

  6. admin

    Yes, it’s shown w/ football in picture!

  7. Me

    What is the address

  8. admin

    the address listed in the township site is 222 Snyder Avenue, Berkeley Heights, NJ

  9. Jennifer

    Very nice playground, especially for younger kids. It’s small and enclosed so no need to worry about them running off. Also, it rarely attracts older children so you don’t have to worry about little ones getting trampled on. No shade in the summer but the water feature helps for cooling off.

  10. Laura

    what month does this park open for the sprinklers to work? What time during the day does it open?

  11. gretchen

    The spray grounds are open now. But it should be noted somewhere in this article that this is really a playground and sprayground for the very young set (I would say 7 at the very oldest!). My 8 year old would be bored pretty quickly. And it is very, very small – great for the little ones, not so much for the older ones. I would say 3 to 5 year olds are perfect, perfect for this place.

  12. jerseymom

    I have to second the last poster – I adore this park but *only* when I’m with the littlest ones. Even my 5yr old would tire of it pretty quickly if we went often. The playground is cute, clean and the people are always nice. But it is very small and would definitely not suit older kids.

  13. Mary

    We stopped by the park last week around 10am and the water wasn’t running. Was the park closed or does it just open later? Does anyone have the hours that the splash park is open?


  14. Melanie

    Hi. I’d like to take my 3 year old here this week. Do you know what time the sprinklers turn on ? We’re morning people so I was hoping the sprinklers are turned on early. Thanks.

  15. linda cimirro

    Is the shower open tomorrow? If so what are the hours?

  16. Sara Rall

    I believe the park is open dusk to dawn. The sprinklers are on a push-button system. They turn them on at the beginning of the summer and off in the fall.

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