From “The Playground Guide”- Bergen County Edition:

Oradell Kids Foundation Playground is located on Prospect St & Oradell Ave, Oradell, NJ

DIRECTIONS: GSP N to exit 165 towards Oradell. Merge onto Oradell Ave for 1.6 miles and make a right onto Prospect St.

DESCRIPTION: A very special playground in the center of several ball fields and tennis courts. There is a huge play structure with very cool tube slides and lots and lots of steps. The climbing is endless. There are wiggle poles, rock walls, chain steps and all sorts of hand and foot climbing walls. Hidden behind the 5-12 play area is the toddler area. The toddler section has a lot of the same cool stuff including the tube slide, all just on a smaller scale.

PARKING: Street only

CLIMBING: Corkscrew pole, rock wall, chain steps, wiggle poles, fireman pole in circular structure, climbing walls, climbing walls

MERRY-GO-ROUND: Old fashioned tan and silver multi seater merry go round

PLAYTHINGS: Tic-tac-toe, two truck bouncers, store fronts, steering wheels, tunnels

SLIDES: One huge tube, one corkscrew, two winding chutes, one toddler tube, one toddler double

SPORTS: Baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer

SWINGS: Two full size, two toddler, one tire