Bloomfield Avenue and Lakeside Avenue, Verona, NJ. I love this park, it is absolutely beautiful with a lake nearby, place to run (I used to go here a while back but pre-kids so never noticed the playground) and a beautiful flower garden next to the playground. A very popular playground, so parking is scarce. Also there is a place to get food by the lake, and there are restrooms closer to the lake house. 2 separate playgrounds next to each other, the one closest to the flower garden is the pre-school one. Here are a few highlights:

  • 13-acre lake for boating and fishing.
  • A Boathouse with ice cream after pedal boating!
  • A new children’s garden.
  • Tennis courts.
  • 1.2-mile fitness course.
  • Softball field.
  • Bocce courts.

In the summer they have pedal boats. Great place for a big playdate! And no wood chips! I want to thank Mamino who gave this recommendation along with Cedar Grove and Brookdale, was very pleased with this park, and glad to include it in our site. I look forward to your feedback! Here’s your pictures!



  1. rsquared

    We love this park. There is so much for our son to do and it also nice to take a walk around the lake.

    The Busy Body Book looks cool. It could help us keep our busy schedules in check. It looks like there is plenty of space for each day for each person.

  2. Sandra Modersohn

    My sister lives right near Verona Park and we often visit with our children. There is a building between the pre-school playground and the tennis courts that provides restrooms. Very easily accessed by toddlers who wait to the last moment to tell mommy they have to go potty! lol. Also, there are nice swings between the two playgrounds and a wonderful path around the lake for taking a stroll. There is a bridge that goes over the middle of the lake, so you don’t have to walk the whole thing if you have little legs enjoying the park with you. You can also rent paddleboats in the summer.

    There is a covered picnic area behind the toddler playground, also.

    (And now a quick comment about the Busy Body Book products. I adore the colors they use! Many of these types of books only have 4 columns and I’m pleased to see that these have 5, since I have 5 members in my family. As my children get older, there are more and more things to keep track of and I imagine these books can only help!)

    Thank you for a beautifully done site. I’m glad I found it. I was going to start one of my own, with this very same kind of format, if I couldn’t find one! lol

  3. tartan94

    My boys and I love Verona Park. This is where we go when we want a special treat and want to visit a playground different that our neighborhood parks. We live in Maplewood and Verona Park is a great destination for us. Its always fun to take a picnic and scooters with you and venture around the pond!

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