C.O. Johnson Park, Byram Twp, NJ

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From “The Playground Guide”- Sussex/Warren County Edition:
C.O. Johnson Park is located on 117 Roseville Rd, in Byram Township, NJ.

DIRECTIONS: Take Rte 206 into Byram. Turn onto Tamarack Rd (can only go one direction) and drive 1.5 miles to the end. Turn left onto Roseville Rd, towards Andover. Soccer and baseball fields with a small parking lot visible on the right after ¼ mile, but keep going to the next park entrance another ¼ mile down to be closest to the playground. Once in the park, make the first right into the parking area. Playground is up the hill from parking, but handicap parking is available up the hill right next to the playground.

DESCRIPTION: Two wooden play structures with colorful play features and a unique kid (or parent!) powered train ride from platform to platform. Snack bar and bathrooms may be open during ball games. Shaded benches scattered throughout.

PARKING: Medium by playground, more available in other parts of the park

HANDICAP: Handicap entrance to the playground area, free-standing abacus toy is wheelchair accessible

CLIMBING: Bars, rings, two corkscrew poles, stairs, steps, rope bridge, rope ladder, chain bridge

PLAYTHINGS: Looking glass, tunnels, wooden clubhouse, abacus, colorful turning cubes

SLIDES: Triple bump, double standard, one corkscrew

SPORTS: Four ball fields, one football field, three soccer fields, two full basketball courts, three tennis courts

SWINGS: Two toddler, four full size

WALKING PATHS: Small walking path behind the back soccer field

OTHER COOL STUFF: Skateboard park that can be used with bicycles when no one is skating, bike rack, kid-powered rail train ride
MAKE A DAY OF IT: Pick up a snack at Cranberry Market and Deli at the corner of 206 and Tamarack Rd, because once you get to this playground the kids aren’t going to want to leave!


  1. Sara Rall

    We were here last July and the kids did not want to leave. Very sunny, but lots of stuff to play on. Nice bathrooms, up the hill from the parking lot.

  2. KellBell

    There are also 4 baseball fields. That wasn’t mentioned. Another thing this park has is bicycle trails throughout surrounding woods. The last thing the article forgot to mention is the skate/bike park. It’s a tennis court converted with ramps, etc.

  3. skye

    I took my daughter to this playground yesterday because of this website and the good comments. It was my first time there and it was filthy and full of garbage and litter. There are 3 enormous garbage cans in the park, but yet garbage all over – Icecream wrappers, plastic trays, plates, paper, cigarette butts, plastic bottles. I had to clean up some of the garbage off the jungle gym so my daughter could even play on it. ALso, the wood seems to be in bad shape. Some of it has been replaced recently but is clearly in bad shape still- and splintering in some areas or rotting. The woodchips are all but gone making this place a huge mud pit. Now I Know why we were the only ones there. Parking was kind of awkward too and there are a lot of (very uneven and crooked) stairs to walk up to get to the playground. We didn’t stay long and won’t be going back. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  4. Jennifer

    I agree with the previous reviewer. I took my children here today. This playground must have been beautiful once. Sadly, it seems like the town has forgotten about it. The place is filthy. I found old broken toys, wrappers, plastic bottles, foil, dozens of cigarette butts, dirty napkins, and more. Since no one has emptied out the garbage cans in who knows how long, there are bees everywhere. We couldn’t even sit down for a snack because they came right after us. The uneven stairs that you need to walk up to get to the playground is awful. My son tripped twice on his way up. We definitely won’t be coming back.

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