Borough Park, South Plainfield NJ

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Middlesex County Playgrounds, Outdoor Playgrounds, South Plainfield | 2 comments

Another guest post by Sara Rall!

Borough Park on Elm St. by Lakeview Ave. in South Plainfield, Middlesex County is a sunny ball field with a playground among the trees at the far end.

The equipment is aging but still in good shape. There is a long metal and plastic play structure, two bouncing motorcycles, and a long but not tall climbing wall. My kids loved the bleachers, too.

Don’t miss the way-cool military helicopter on display just north of the entrance where Lakeview, Maple and Plainfield Avenues come together. Just across the street from that is a beautiful lakeside park with basketball courts but no playground.


  1. mara mcauley

    The lakeside park across the street that you mentioned does have a playground, but it’s at the farthest end of the park from the helicopter. It’s Spring Lake Park. The bathrooms are right there by the park too.

  2. LInda C

    We need more and updated playgrounds in South Plainfield. Children need outdoor activities for health and creativity. Wish the tiny playground at end of Spring lake will be expanded or up graded. Sand box, money bars or swing set would be great.

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