Crestwood Lake Park is located on Klomburg Dr & West Allendale Ave in Allendale NJ.

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After an initial renovation in 2021, Crestwood playground underwent a 2nd phase reno this year, keeping it closed for several months. I’m excited to share that it finally reopened this past weekend! 

After discussions with many local parents identifying needs that were still unmet after the first phase of the reno, I worked closely with members of our borough council to come up with ways to address these issues. I’m so thankful our council listened to our concerns and acted on them as quickly as possible to continue to make this playground suitable and accessible to everyone in our town. Some of the main points addressed were: a structure for elementary age children, broader shade, additional swings, and level ground. 

Last year, 2 new structures were added, one for middle school age children as well as one for toddlers. However, there was still a need for a structure for elementary age children. The new structure we chose to add is one that is suitable for ages 2-12 and includes some built in shade canopies.

A large shade canopy was added over the toddler structure which is a welcome addition. Although more shade is still needed, I know the height of some of the already existing structures unfortunately wouldn’t allow for more of these canopies, but in lieu of that the town plans to continue to add more trees (some of which had to be removed to begin the initial renovations)🌲

Since older swings were removed last year during the initial reno, competition was fierce for access to the 4 swings that remained (2 child, 2 infant). In this second phase, the footprint of the playground was extended to add 6 additional swings (4 child, 1 infant and 1 “mommy and me” style swing).

A sensory climbing dome was also added which is intended for ages 5 and up. One nice feature of this structure is it allows full access for a child in a mobility device to travel inside the dome as well ♿️ 🙌🏼

The border of the entire playground was also extended to encompass all the structures and filled in with ample rubber mulch providing a more even softer and most importantly safer footing throughout. 

One noticeable change is the fence was removed between the playground and the sand/lake. I was told that a new fence would be installed as part of a third phase once the larger playground footprint was in place. So please stay tuned for any info I find out about when this last phase will take place! 

Historical reference- NO LONGER this configuration:

Wooden and colorful structure in fully enclosed mulched play area. Lots of climbing and play things like rockers and bouncy see-saws. Playground is located at municipal town lake that is open to Allendale residents and to large groups by permit only.
DIRECTIONS: Route 17 north or south to Allendale exit. Travel west on Allendale Avenue, through light into town, bear right at clock and continue to T-junction at West Crescent Ave. Turn left on West Crescent traveling south. Pass under railroad bridge and after about 200 yards, make a right into Crestwood Park. Field is at rear of park adjacent to tennis courts.
PARKING: Large gravel lot near playground
PICNICKING: Picnic tables throughout park area
CLIMBING: One corkscrew pole, wiggle pole, repeller, monkey bars, ladders, bridges, fireman pole
PLAYTHINGS: Two large fire truck and rescue trucks with climbing poles and slides, lots of playthings inside the trucks like steering wheels, call boxes, and looking glass
SANDBOX: Two diggers in two small separate sand areas
SEESAWS: Two bouncy see-saws, one is mermaids and the other is dalmations
SLIDES: Two corkscrew, two double
SPORTS: Beach volleyball, town lake
SWINGS: Eight full size, four toddler, one tire
WALKING PATHS: Paved around the park
WATER: Town lake with lifeguards during season, membership required, see for more information
MAKE A DAY OF IT: Travel into downtown Allendale and have lunch at the Allendale Bar & Grill located on West Allendale Ave. If you are planning a Sunday afternoon, call for information about their Sunday brunch menu.

Below are mixed gallery pics- anything that wasn’t shown above is HISTORICAL.