This is our first guest post from the Roving Reporter Promotion for Imagine That!!! Thanks to Sara for contributing this great park! I also love her suggestion for “Make a Day of It”

Located on 1 Fisher Ave. Parker Elementary School in Middlesex is a visually appealing, new school playground with some very unusual equipment. The DNA-shaped climbers, rock wall with pass-throughs and standing bouncer are particularly interesting. It is fairly sunny and has a mulch ground cover. It is fully fenced, and designed for school-aged kids, but not particularly dangerous.
Recommended Ages: 5-12, but several items for younger children
Climbing: 3 DNA-shaped metal towers, free standing plastic rock wall with windows, twisted metal ladders, mushroom caps, rings, loops, monkey bars, parallel bars, dome-shaped jungle gym, more.
Playthings: Firetruck
See-Saws: 3, in two styles
Slides: 2 bumpy, one toddler
Other: standing bouncer, seated bouncer, four-square courts, drop-ball
Parking: on side street
Benches: A few benches, with the school name printed on them.
Sports Fields: small grassy, paved area would be good for bike/scooter.

Make a Day of It: Don’t miss the Dunellen Movie Theater just 3 miles east on route 28. The theater has taken out every other row of seats and put in moveable tables, then serves food from the tavern next door during the movie. They usually show the current kid’s movie, and the tickets are really cheap (food prices are not bad, either). Immensely kid-friendly and comfy.