Camp Jefferson, Jefferson Township, NJ

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81 Weldon Road, Lake Hopatcong, NJ. Definitely one of the best playgrounds we have been to. It also has a skate park across the parking lot. *partially fenced in* (UPDATE on the partially thanks to commenter below), and lots to do for pre-school, school-age kids.Has a great sandbox with toys, swings, slides, and restrooms nearby.

From I-80 W take exit 34B which is NJ-15N toward Jefferson/Sparta. Continue for just over 5 miles and then turn right onto Weldon Rd toward Oake Ridge/Milton. Camp Jefferson is less than 1 mile ahead on your left.

This delightful campground hosts a fabulous playground complete with sandbox and tons of great climbing equipment. Programs, activities and special events run on site daily and day camps during the Summer. There is also a skatepark on site which welcomes bikes, blades and boards something hard to find in Morris County! Visit for more information.

Picnicking: Tables outside the fenced-in playground area, vending machines nearby, benches inside the playground area
Handicap: There is one wheelchair swing and a good portion of the equipment is accessible by ramp
Climbing: Bars, rings, several climbing walls, corkscrew and fireman’s poles, disc climbs, ramps, tubes, hanging steering wheels, drawbridge, ladders, suspended mushroom caps, steps, stairs
Merry-go-round: Cup seats, two single person
Playthings: Tic-tac-toe, steering wheels, call boxes, standing character puzzles, sign language and ABC puzzles, musical chimes, several storefronts, looking glasses, monoculars, rock paper scissors and animal tic-tac-toe games
Sandbox: Decent sized with toys and diggers
Slides: Toddler sized corkscrew, toddler sized chute, one tube, one corkscrew, two chute, two bump
Sports: Skate park that allows bikes, blades and boards
Swings: Wheelchair, four full-size, four toddler
Walking Paths: Hiking trails
Water: Eight plus acre lake
Other Cool Stuff: Fire ring, amphitheater, renovated cabins housing the recreation center, local chamber of commerce, train club, and others

Make a Day of It
Eat outside along the water at Oh Sullivan’s Restaurant and Pub and check out the boats at all the local marinas. Go back to Route 15 S and find Jefferson Dairy for a cold treat or for lunch.


  1. sara

    We loved this playground, especially the spinners. Just a note: the skate park across the street is now (summer 2009) closed for safety concerns.

  2. casey

    does anyone know if the skatepark is open again?

  3. Danni

    I just visited this playground yesterday with my kids. It was a great, but it is not fully fenced in, as it is described to be. In fact, only one side of the playground has a fence. As well, the wheelchair swing is no longer there.

    I would suggest not visiting this playground during these 90-degree days being that there is not one area that has shade. If you do go on a hot day, I suggest waiting until the evening, like around 6:00 when it was much more tolerable.

  4. admin

    thanks Danni, we updated our post on the partially fenced part

  5. Jefferson Township Resident

    Hello yes I live in the area. The reason for the skate park closing is saftey. Because Camp Jefferson doesn’t really have the money right now to fix the park up. My girl scout and I do charity work there and trust me the skate park may take a while but maybe we can finish it if we all work together! As for the park, I love it! Summer time is fun time with water guns in the soccer field, Winter is awesome because you can go sledding in the back near the stage , Spring is a great time for picnics in the Canteen, and a nice hike in the Fall! The fencing in part may not be total covered but you’re kid will be having so much fun there he won’t care! Yes Yes It says 4 – 8 years but I am like almost 14 and still loving the spinners! They also fixed both of the handicap swings and bought nicer ones! The pavement is not bumpy so its good for bike riding and near the Rec Hall theres a kid basketball hoops for the little ones! I may be only kid but Camp Jefferson is my life. With out it, I feel the world has changed to a indoor life. ( There is also a WiFi HotSpot there too! ** Optimum WiFi**)

  6. Jefferson Township Resident

    Oops almost forgot , they have new toy slides. And for the kids my age, before its closed play man hunt and the Little Can fit at least 3 people!

  7. Matt

    At one point somebody told me about an RC track in this area. Is that hear or am i bein fooled like usual

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