Lions Park, Upper Saddle River NJ

Lyons Park in Upper Saddle River NJ has a very nice fenced in playground with lots of different areas for the kids to spread out. The play area is in two sections for each age group. The toddler section has a ramp for handicap accessibility. There is a fire truck to sit in, along with lots of little bouncers.

DIRECTIONS: Route 17 N Lake St exit. Proceed on Lake St through three traffic lights. The park will be after the third light at bottom of hill on the left.
PARKING: Large paved lot close to the playground.
CLIMBING: Rings, rappelers, wiggle poles, balance beams, monkey bars, fireman pole, wiggle poles
PLAYTHINGS: Multiple tic-tac-toes with shape matching, color matching, number matching, steering wheels, tunnels, shape sorter, call boxes, store front, puzzles, clock, looking glasses
SEESAWS: Small two seater bouncer that looks like a see saw, fireman’s truck also bounces
SLIDES: One steep metal slide. One corkscrew, one double, one chute, one tube. One toddler corkscrew, one toddler chute, one toddler tube.
SPORTS: Baseball fields
SWINGS: Four full size, four toddler, one tire
WALKING PATHS: Paved around the park
OTHER COOL STUFF: Balance beam that wiggles as you walk across it.

4 comments to Lions Park, Upper Saddle River NJ

  • e. wett.

    i would like to know if there is a small brook for stone stepping in your park area. please reply.thanks

  • Sol

    Just know if you do not live in the area you are NOT WELCOME at the park. I came there to relax with my kids and i had literally 10 people screaming at me that I can’t come there. Basically what they did is, in order to keep people out of the park, they conjoined the parking of the public park with parking for a public school this way the parking lot is under department of education property and you need a permit to park there.
    The people there were very nasty to us, and we were definitely not welcome I would not recommend going there.
    We went to Airmont park at 59 Campbell Avenue, Suffern NY 10901 instead, and we had a great time.

  • Melanie

    I live in the area and my kids go to the public school behind lions park, I just wanted to say that they changed lions park a lot and it’s not as fun anymore for the kids but I still enjoy going there with my kids and they have a carnival there around May and there are lots of concerts there in the summer!!

  • Leo

    The parking situation is shockingly deplorable and I say that as a resident of a neighboring town. It’s a public park however the parking is residents with permit only which renders anyone without a permit not welcomed since this is a non-walkable community

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