Editor’s Note: Thanks to Liba for getting us 2 playgrounds in Passaic County, NJ. For these parks, she’s receiving 2 free passes to Imagine That!!! Check out our promotion to see how you can earn passes too. Unfortunately the status of the parks in Goffle Brook Park were disappointing. I noticed there was a picture of an updated park in the county website, but don’t know where that would be, it’s 103 acres and no map on the website! If anyone knows of some nice playgrounds in Hawthorne, help us out, and comment below!!

Located on Goffle Rd, crossing Rae Avenue Ext, in Hawthorne, this park was rated by Liba with 2 stars. Large area, somewhat over-run, broken pavement. There are ‘paved’ walking paths. The ‘caution’ tape did not inspire confidence! The creek that is right near the playground convinced me not to go there with my toddler again.

Link to Google Map

Climbing: One medium size climbing structure.
Slides: One medium bumpy slide, and one longer and straighter slide (though still with bumps)
Swings: One swing set with two basic swings.
Parking: Larger parking near
Benches: Plenty – at playground and along walking path
Picnicking: A few covered tables right next to the playground
Walking Paths: Paved pathways next to creek.