Edit: Not too far away from this park is the sledding section, check out the map below and this link from Monmouth County Parks for more information on sledding!
Holmdel Park Forest Edge Section

44 Longstreet Road, Holmdel, NJ.Â
Update: Just found out when I visited I had only seen one of the playgrounds, I’ll be posting a second Holmdel Park post with pictures of the spongy floor Hilltop Playground, which is GREAT for crawlers AND Longstreet farm, courtesy of Donna R.

Forest Edge still is a cool park and playground even with the wood chips.Â
Lots of activitiy, and more than just a playground. Click on this link for more information on this park
Swings, slides, plenty of stuff for both pre-school and school-age kids.  It is an expansive park, which has plenty of picnic tables and small grills overlooking the playground.  Pictures below…