Cameron Field- Mead Street, South Orange, NJ

Cameron Field is located right across The Baird in South Orange (5 Mead Street).

We parked right by the tennis courts and walked across the soccer field to get to the playground set in the back.

This playground is a bit aged, but it was a fun one to visit with its many ramps, climbing structures, and my daughter enjoyed hiding under them. 

If you have kids who love trains, the NJ Transit train runs frequently right above the park.  Zip_line_ is not working. 

During a very cold day, this playground was still occupied, so I imagine it must get busy in warmer weather. 

Link to Google Map

Cameron Field South Orange

Recommended Ages: Not posted

Climbing:  Rings, poles, monkey bars

Slides: Various Slides including an old-school metal twisty one

Swings:  2 tot swings, 2 regular swings

Parking:  Located by tennis courts by Baird, need to walk across field to get to playground.

Benches: Only recall one bench at the playground

Sports Fields: Lots of open fields

Tennis: tennis courts by parking area

Check out our pictures for more details!

2 comments to Cameron Field- Mead Street, South Orange, NJ

  • Tamara

    This park has since been renovated and completely updated. Very nice park – one of the nicest in the area. Only issues are; the water fountain wasn’t working and there isn’t much shade on a sunny day.

  • Bud Fischer

    I Remember Alex
    In the early 1950s, many summer days were spent at Cameron Field in South Orange, NJ. Sure, there was a swimming pool, a duck pond and a playground – but the best reason to be there was Alex, the Good Humor man.
    It was best to arrive there before he did, because after he had parked his truck and gotten out in his white suit and “police cap” he would sing a song that he had made up:
    Good Morning, Good Humor
    The Good Humor man is here
    He’s always here to greet you
    With a Smile and good cheer
    He sells delicious ice cream
    That people will buy
    And all you have to do is
    Give it a try
    And I’m sure you’ll always wait for your
    Good Humor man! (big ending, with outstretched arms).
    It now seems a little silly, and I guess it was, even then – but he had a good voice and a lot of enthusiasm. Small crowds would sometimes gather to see the performance.
    Alex was an older man – probably a retiree just trying to make ends meet, selling ice cream bars out of a truck. He was a kindly man, and often “made up the difference” out of his own pocket when a kid was a little short of money.
    This 10-year-old – some sixty years hence – still remembers you Alex … fondly. I trust that your progeny number among the good guys.

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