Maplewood’s De Hart Park is a nice little park adjacent to the DeHart Community Center, sometimes the bathroom is opened inside center, but on the day we went it was not. Has a roller hockey court that we used with the trikes and bikes. Kids liked the bouncy seesaw. Tennis courts too, baseball field in the distance

How many stars would you give this park (1-5)? 3

Address of Park: 120 Burnett Avenue, Maplewood, New Jersey

Link to Google Map

Recommended Ages: 2-5yo park mostly

Slides:  toddler slides,

Climbing: fireman poles, monkey bars, and other climbing equipment

Park Amenities:   bathroom, benches, ballfield, tennis

Food & Beverage: May have vending in community center did not check

Trails/Walking Paths: did not explore, but my kids did use their trikes around the perimeter for a portion

Other Cool Stuff: One of the few wooden parks left, same style as the old “loop” playground

Make a Day of It: Community Center is next door. Maplewood has a great downtown to explore and has a train station.