Angelo L. Tomaso School, Warren NJ

Editor’s Note: After a long winter, we have received one of our first roving reporter posts! Rachel earns 2 passes to IMAGINE THAT!!! Children’s Museum in Florham Park, NJ.  She shares this park which is in Warren NJ, a town that boasts many great playgrounds, check them all out here.   If you want to be a roving reporter too, check out details here. 

Angelo L Tomaso School is located on 46 Washington Valley Rd, Warren, NJ 07059.  As is the case with school playgrounds, it is not open to the public during school hours.

“Park features:

Large play structures. – slides, climbing, swinging, bridge, rockwall…. Much fun!

A boat
2 sets of swings
Basketball courts
Wood chip main surface.
Not fenced in – but away from the road so it gives you 30 seconds to catch up with the wanderer.

It’s an elementary school. So the age is 5+ but my 2 year old had no bother with any of it.”

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  • Gretchen

    It is a fun playground, but even the school pictured does not allow children on the monkey bars or green climbing structure before second grade thanks to previous serious injuries, so think twice before allowing your little one on them. Also, there is an aftercare program, and children play far out into the parking area/ court, so be mindful of other parents lovies, and only use on weekends (really as with most schools) or much later as weather gets nicer!

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