Hi guys! Hope you are enjoying the Spring playground weather. Thought I’d say hello. Our site is hopping with traffic of parents trying to get their kids out there, and thought we’d include a few videos that show adults can use playgrounds too! If you have a great playground video that will entertain us, comment below…

Here’s some pretty funny and cool videos we found in our search for some NJ playground youtube hits. Ok only one official NJ one, it’s a tough subject.

The AFV standard. Swing Fails

Let’s start with some old fashioned cringing with AFV, a mix of kids and adults.

The Promote Your Musical Funny Rap Playground Vid

Playground Video at Grove St. Playground in South Orange, NJ. Sandy Rustin’s sketch comedy musical Rated P for Parenthood Musical was soooo good. I was lucky to see it in NYC a while back, and was surprised it didn’t get a longer run. (Don’t base the comic genius of the whole Rated P. musical on a rap about parent teacher conferences.) If you want to check out Sandy’s work, click here on her bio. Rated P is now being worked as an ABC show, can’t wait to check it out when they are done.

Funny or Die goes to the playground

Brooke Shields is a funny lady and she made “Playground Tales” a while back.

Watch more video from the Top Picks channel on Frequency

Commuting via Slide

The Dutch know how to have fun. Do we have any slides in the works NJ Transit?

Not for the lazy

Ukraine Playground Workout is pretty inspiring. Makes me want to make some effort to avoid the benches at a playground and have the kids hoist me up to the monkey bars. If you really want to get serious about working out at the playground, you have to check out NJ’s Swingset Fitness Expert, Karen Goeller. She’s inspiring and does some really cool workouts using just a playground swing.

Bonus. Satellite Radio XM105 Roland from Roland’s Food Court and the Opie and Anthony Show visits a NYC playground and experiences some “slide discomfort”. This is just sad. Pants, Roland pants!!! Ouch!