Emma and her signed copy of "Mr. Klutz is Nuts" by Dan Gutman

Emma and her signed copy of “Mr. Klutz is Nuts” by Dan Gutman

So ever since Dan Gutman visited our school back in February, I’ve been a huge fan. Don’t get me wrong my kids were already fans of his books, the whole Weird School series and now my boys just finished “The Genius Files”. Very funny and appealing to kids, Dan does frequent school visits. To say thanks, I found his twitter to send him a note, where he kindly responded:

and then I liked his facebook page.

Living in the age of social media is amazing. Although the access that the public has to celebrities can be overwhelming to the famous, there is a transparency now that has never existed before. Conversations between people we once would just wonder about and never had knowledge about those mundane details, are out there for the public to consume and comment about. Any old Hollywood facade of glamour and mystery has been overturned by the hashtag and the fans who tweet a picture of “Guess who I saw at Costco? #insertcelebritynamehere”.

But for those with the gift of writing bestsellers, there still is a good deal of privacy left. But the TRANSPARENCY is really cool for a fan. Bringing me back to the feud… Recently on my facebook feed, a video of Dan Gutman being hurled with shoes caught my eye. Dan was reading from “Doug Unplugged”, a children’s book written by Dan Yaccarino known from his from his “children’s books, Parent’s Choice Award-winning animated TV series OSWALD and Emmy-winning WILLA’S WILD LIFE and character designs for THE BACKYARDIGANS, as well as his many illustrated toys, games, and other children’s products.”

My kids thought it was the funniest thing ever. So I had to go back to the beginning…


Then it goes on and on…


Uh Oh, this is getting vicious…

Even librarians are involved…

So what’s next? Who will win? Make sure you follow both Dan Yaccarino and Dan Gutman on facebook, I have to say we love Gutman, he’s also in Haddonfield, NJ. And if you go by facebook likes, Gutman has +9K, and Yaccarino trails with his almost 400 as of 5/4/2014.

UPDATE: More fuel from Dan Gutman!!! http://danyaccarino.blogspot.com/2014/05/my-battle-with-author-dan-gutman-6_12.html

And an “EW, what’s that smell” blow to Gutman by Yaccarino…

Yaccarino: “Ew! What’s that smell? Oh, wait, I found it! It was another Dan Gutman book.”

Followed by a special birthday “Barnes and Nobles ‘Return your Yaccarino books, GET $5 DEAL” retort

Keep it up guys! I want a big group hug at the end.