Editor’s Note: Thanks to our good friends, The Moraghans, we have a great guest post about the Safari at Great Adventure.

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With my youngest daughter Colleen recently hitting the 4ft mark, I thought it was time to finally take them to Six Flags Great Adventure. Not only can she now go on El Toro, I was also looking forward to taking my girls to revamped safari tour. The tour is now a ride that is part of Great Adventure(no longer a separate admission). There are now open air buses that takes you throughout the safari both into and out of ‘camp’.

The first part takes you through Africa where you see elephants, zebras and rhinos among other animals. The ride then lets you off at their camp. The camp is where the lion cubs are. This is also a spot for an additional fee you can feed the giraffes. My girls really enjoyed that.

The girls enjoyed feeding the giraffe

The girls enjoyed feeding the giraffe

There are also a few zoo keepers around where you can see a tame animals and touch them. There is also food here where you can get lunch or a snack.
Amelia petting a reptile at Great Adventure's safari attraction

Amelia petting a reptile at Great Adventure’s safari attraction

You then get back on another bus to see some lions, tigers, and bears(oh my! ) as well as kangaroos. The monkeys are no longer part of the tour, they are on a different exhibit in the park. You should plan around two hours to take the safari tour.

There is no height requirement for this ride as long as the kids are with their parents. This ride also works well if your family is split on what to do at Great Adventure. If someone is too small/too scared, this ride is definitely worth doing.



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