Kidstreet, Bridgewater, NJ

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UPDATE- ***10/11/2014*** Kompan updated the playground!!! From Christian:”I just completed a modern upgrade for Kidstreet playground in Bridgewater, NJ. They wanted to revitalize an under-used area of the playground, help modernize the playground with challenging spinning and climbing activities. We installed a Kompan Spinner Bowl & a modern 2-5 yrs age group climbling/sliding play structure we custom-made for Kidstreet.” By the way, my kids have loved those spinner bowls, since they were 2! 9yo still spins 🙂 Pictures below from Christian!

kidstreet playground

Kidstreet 2014 addition


UPDATE- ***Kid Street is opened!! (April 30, 2013 message from Dept. of Recreation) We had a great time there recently, some new structures too, I will update the post soon*****
Kidstreet is located near the intersection of Commons Way and Hanlon Dr., Bridgewater, NJ. Best bet is to follow directions to the Municipal Bldg of Bridgewater (700 Garretson Road). There is a lot of construction going on as of 6/30/2009. You will see signs for Kid Street Parking and then a blue sign that says “Path to KidStreet”. At first I thought they tore it down and then turned around to see it was nestled up the hill. What a great place!! Plenty of wooden structures, sandbox, swings, ziplines, and a big group swing. Picnic area is shown below.

What a great place to visit, I’ll have to include it in our Biggest and Best

Rainy Day Plan

Take advantage of this groupon if the weather doesn’t cooperate with your outdoor plans! Bridgewater Sports Arena is about 5 miles away!

Bridgewater Sports Arena Deal Alert! $10 for one game of laser tag for two and $10 worth of arcade tokens (a $22 value) Great Rainy Day Idea!!!

Posted by NJ Deals for Kids Activities on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Update: I’ve been to Kidstreet now several times and it is indeed one of our favorites to visit. Whether we are visiting a friend via Route 22, on the way to a festival or just looking for a place to run around, Kidstreet does not disappoint. Bring a picnic lunch and let the kids enjoy the zipline or the sandbox that has toys! It usually has alot of activity. But if you want another park nearby, Bridgewater has plenty, check out our other parks here


  1. sararall

    Kids Street is a terrific, huge, shady playground, well fenced and away from the road. The only problem with it is that it is very easy to lose track of your kids here (but there’s only one way in/out).

    The construction next door (municipal building) is due to be done in late 2009, at which point parking for the playground will be much simpler.

    It was built about 1994 and is aging, but a public works employee told me they intend to renovate the park in sections, in the off season, over the next few years, without making any substantial changes.

  2. sararall

    Forgot to mention that kidstreet is largely ADA accessible, although you don’t have it tagged that way.

  3. admin

    good catch!!! I’ll tag it now!

  4. sara

    They have changed the parking once again at Kidstreet. You now enter around the corner, from Commons Way and park back by the old police station.

    It’s not entirely clear where the parking for the playground will be when all the construction is finished, but they have been fairly good about putting up signs and keeping the playground open and the access safe throughout the process.

  5. Sara

    Just visited Wednesday, construction still going on, parking as above. Some wood has been replaced, and the drinking fountain disconnected 🙁 but the park is the same as ever.

  6. Elizabeth

    Is this a good place to throw a kids 3rd birthday party?

  7. Elizabeth

    Are there bathrooms?

  8. admin

    yes there are, I can’t recall if it was a portapotty or regular bathroom though

  9. Sara

    Definitely bathrooms. Relatively clean ones, always open, plus a drinking fountain. Lots of picnic tables outside the playground.

    It’s a somewhat annoying place to have a gathering though particularly with kids who are young enough to need to be followed around. The place is HUGE and can be difficult to see where your kid went, particularly if you are following more than one at a time.

    Parents end up at opposite ends of the place from each other, so can’t socialize easily.

    You have to leave the playground to eat and the kids won’t want to.

    There are lots of vertical ladders that my just-turned 3 1/2 year old who’s very adventurous has just now mastered. At turning 3 I had to follow her everywhere and stand below the while time.

    For a party in central Jersey for turning 3, Field of Dreams near Clinton (porta potty), though it’s a little hard to see through; Ralston in Mendham (porta potty); Warren municipal if you are ok with merry go rounds, has a nice pavillion, but bathrooms are often locked; Dunham in Liberty Corner, nice pavillion, great bathrooms, hot. Dodge Field in Chester excellent for this age, but I dont’ think there are bathrooms. Nomahegan in Cranford good bathrooms nice and shady, excellent for this age. Vermuele in North Plainfield, nice pavillion, no bathrooms. Chimney Rock in Martinsville, bathrooms sometimes locked. Columbia in Berkeley Heights has nice bathrooms, good for this age, at least some shade. Pleasant Valley in Lyons/basking Ridge (not posted yet) great pavillion and bathrooms, somewhat steep equipment. And of course Dorbrook in, what, Freehold? is terrific with good bathroooms.

  10. Elizabeth

    Drinking fountain is up and running and there is a soda/water/gatorade machine for $1.00 (not bad). Wasn’t working this past weekend but I believe that it was only because it was full.
    My 3 year old (this coming weekend) had a 6 foot fall onto his ribs down one of the ladders the writer above mentioned. He landed on a tire at the bottom. He was hysterical, more out of just getting scared, but he brushed it off real quick when I said that maybe we should leave.

  11. Elizabeth

    PS.. attempting the 3 year old birthday party here this weekend anyway. Had I read Sara’s post before, I might have rethought this, but it’s already in the works. I really like that there is one entrance/exit. Lots of teenage cousins attending that will be keeping track of the smaller party goers. Although they seem to have just as much fun as well from what I saw this past weekend.
    The Basking Ridge YMCA takes the one of the summer camp sessions here for a day trip, which is how I heard out it to begin with.
    *hoping we don’t have a wash-out*
    Spoke to the maintenence man that didn’t care if we used a party tent over the picnic tables, only asked that we try to keep it clean. He said there are always large clean-ups for him on Monday mornings in the summer after people have parties there over the weekend.

  12. Pam

    Took my daughter there this morning and we had a blast! She loved all of the climbing structures and different vehicles to “drive”.
    I am not sure if you want to update the information as to where to find Kidstreet. The entrance is on Garretson Road, behind the municipal building. There is a sign outfront that says “Slattery Park” and then blue signs that say KidStreet Parking. They are still doing some construction, but not near KidStreet and the parking is well defined for the park area.

  13. RosaniaFamily

    What an incredible park!! Miel, Brisa and Gabby are 4 1/2, 3 and 2, and they went absolutely crazy here.

    Very clean, well maintained, and a design with safety and security in mind: Even if we lost sight of daughters #2 or #3, the one entrance/exit design ensured that we could “cut ’em off at the pass”, as it were.

  14. RedHead1872

    Where is Kid Street located in Bridgewater? I don’t see a directions link.

  15. Su Family

    Are there any charges for the birthday party, if we have one there?

  16. Su Family

    Do we need to take Permission ? If yes please let us know from whom and where to contact?

  17. Sara

    Su family-The park is run by Bridgewater Township. Their offices are right next door. You could inquire there.

  18. Patty

    Elizabeth, I see you wrote that you were having a party there. How did it go? I’m thinking of having my daughter’s there. She’s turning 7 and she loves it there.
    I was wondering about the picnic tables and if they can be reserved. Anyone know?

  19. Jennifer

    I am thinking of having my twins’ 4 year old birthday party there…Did you have the party there? Could you reserve the tables? Did you need permission and how did you go about getting it. I would appreciate any help. Also do you have to be a resident of Bridgewater? Thank you!

  20. Ginnie

    Does anyone know the location?? There is no exact address written on this page.

  21. Patty

    Jennifer, I haven’t been back to this site in a long time. Sorry I didn’t respond to the question. We did have our dauther’s (7) b-day party here and it was awesome! The kids had so much fun. We didn’t have to plan anything. Just bring some food and let them loose. There is no cost. It’s first come/first serve for the picnic tables. The bathrooms were clean. We plan on having my son’s here this summer. I don’t know an exact address but it’s close to the intersection of Commons Way and Garretson Rd. I hope it worked out for you.

  22. Naugahide

    Been here many times with my boy, traveling from the Lehigh Valley in Pa, so you know it must be something special. My 5-year-old son adores its many mini-worlds within a larger “town” concept. We can play trains, planes, ships, trucks, cops and robbers (there’s a little jail), ad infinitum. I also like the diversity of the other families. There’s a rich spectrum of people with no one group dominating. There’s the big mall as well as a Rita’s nearby for ice cream afterwards.

    My only criticism is the upkeep of the wood structures. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the wood could use some serious conditioning and weatherizing, or the whole place is simply not going last. It’s not a matter of there being splinters or unsafe structures (yet), but one can see serious signs of weather-related deterioration to the wood. It would be a shame to see this wonderful playground allowed to fall apart. Again, I’m no expert on wood-structure wear, but I did notice some bad wear.

  23. LadyChroe

    My daughter loves it here. There is so much to do. A kid could play here for hours and not get to everything.

  24. Margaret

    the only downside of this park is the lack of proper ground material – woodchips are too much to handle because they get into ev-ery-thing.. yes, found a couple of them in my hair, too.. the alternative is the indoor playground called “KidJunction”..



  26. bobby wiseman

    …i’m planning to take my grandson to KidJunction – he’s 4…


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