Victor Crowell Park, Middlesex, NJ

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Another fine guest post by Sara Rall-

Victor Crowell Park playground at the corner of Green Ave and Willow Dr. in Middlesex is a lovely shady park alongside a river. The playground has a structure for older children and one for very young.

There is also a big plastic climbing wall and a cute bird seesaw. All this is at one end of a closed off road perfect for perfecting your biking skills that runs along beautiful “Lake” Creighton (really more of a large pond) with an interesting bridge and fishing docks. At the far end is an interesting 9-11 memorial.

If you are looking for more playgrounds in middlesex county, check out this link that tags all of them, (click on older entries as well).

Below are more pictures of Crowell Park from Sara Rall!

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  1. Rick Bylina

    Geez….Not one picture of the lake (pond) or the boat house (is it still there) or the waterfall or a kid catching a catfish or carp or sledding down the hill? Well, thanks for these pics especially the “green” bridge that I had to walk over to get to Watchung School when I was a kid (kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 5th grades), where I caught hundreds of catfish, where we caught a giant snapper turtle, which served as the 1/2 mile point from the house when I used to run out-of-season for high school track and cross country.

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