Morecraft Park, Dunellen, NJ

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Guest Post by Sara Rall-

Morecraft Park, at the corner of 1st St. and Sanford Ave in Dunellen, Middlesex County is a pleasant neighborhood park with some interesting features.

There is a somewhat aging play structure for older children with lots of interesting twisted-metal climbers, and a newer, plastic play area for younger children with fish-themed stairs and a wiggly slide, among other things.

They also have two rocking cars (one police, one fire–where’s the ambulance I ask, as the captain of my  local rescue squad) and a Tarzan-style zip line.

They have a basketball court and a grassy field. The playground is completely fenced and on quiet streets. Only on-street parking available, and no bathrooms. More pictures below!!

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  1. Sara Rall

    I’d add this to your SSEQ playground listing. It has a few larger items, and the fence includes a large, grassy play area, but it is basically very quiet, safe and enclosed.

  2. susan

    Please give an actual GPS address!

  3. Sara Rall

    Back when I reviewed this playground GPS did everything by street intersections. Even now, Google’s address for the park is “1st St. and Sanford Ave.” but if you use 650 1st St., Dunellen it will get you there.

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