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Sondek Park is a great park for both older and younger children. This park has 2 separate play equipment areas. One area is for smaller children and the other for older children. The areas are separated by the road that travels threw the park. It is not a busy road, the only traffic is for the park. There is not a lot of shading at this park.

Sondek Park is located on 493 New Road, South Brunswick NJ (Link to Google Map).

How many stars would you give this park on a scale of 1-5?    3-4 stars.

 Description: The older children play area has a play equipment that has several slides, 2 tunnels, various things to climb on, and 2 spin and match games. This side also has 4 regular swings and 2 infant swings. There is a large shading tree this area and a picnic bench. This park also backs up to a baseball field and a soccer field on the other side. During the spring and summer weekends this park can be busy with excitement from the games!

The toddler park has 1 double slide and one smaller slide. It also has 2 baby swings and monkey bars. The bathrooms and gazebo are located on this side of the park. There is also a baseball field and soccer field that run along the back of this playing area.

Sondek Park also has a great walking trail located at the very back of the park as well as a brush drop off for local residents. Overall this is a great park to take children to.  Children can either play on the equipment, run around the fields, play soccer or baseball, ride bikes on the quiet street, or walk the trail.  Bring a lunch and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Sondek is always a clean park, the township takes very good care of it!

Tell us about the playground equipment:

Name of Manufacturer: (Optional) Built by Gametime

Recommended Ages:  One larger playground for 5-12 year olds and a pre-school playground for 2-5 year olds

Climbing:  Monkey bars, rings, poles, handles to grab

Playthings: Baseball Tic-Tac-Toe and an object match game. A speaker system at the toddler park.

Slides: 5 slides at older playground (1 double, 1 steep, 1 small, & 1 twisty) 3 slides at toddler (1 double and 1 small)

Swings:  4 regular swings and 2 toddler swings at older children park. 2 toddler swings at toddler park

Other:  Walking trail, baseball fields, soccer fields.

What kind of amenities can you find at this location?

Parking:  Several parking spots near the playground areas and fields

Benches: 1 Bench at older children play area. Gazebo with several benches next to toddler play area

Food & Beverage: Building next to toddler play area houses bathrooms and serve concessions during weekends in summer months for sport games

Picnicking: Gazebo offers amble seating and coverage!

Drinking Fountain: Not sure? Didn’t see one

Bathrooms: Large indoor bathrooms right next to the playground. Only open during Summer months

Sports Fields: Lots of soccer and baseball fields

Walking Paths: Located in the back of the park. You will be walking through the woods. Not paved.

Other Cool Stuff: Lots of open fields here for kids to run free!

Make a Day of It: This park would be good for a play date. I have spent 2 hours max here. Bring a few balls to kick around and lunch. Great place to have a fun afternoon!