Monmouth Court Playground, Livingston, NJ

Editor’s Note: Little Sports Court Playground was torn up and replaced by this fabulous playground! Thanks to Charlene Wetterstrand for sharing these great photos of this fantastic play area! Wow! Parents will love this park, as it is a completely enclosed fenced in area. I’m grateful for our friends that scout out new playgrounds and

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Parker Elementary School, Middlesex, NJ

This is our first guest post from the Roving Reporter Promotion for Imagine That!!! Thanks to Sara for contributing this great park! I also love her suggestion for “Make a Day of It”

Located on 1 Fisher Ave. Parker Elementary School in Middlesex is a visually appealing, new school playground with

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Mobus Park, Watchung

Thanks Sara Rall for this guest post! Mobus Park, Brookdale Rd., near Mountain Blvd., Watchung, Union Co.

Mobus Park is a lovely little shady community playground next to Watchung Lake. They have two metal and plastic play structures with a little play house under the one for younger kids, and a steep

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Veterans Park Sprayground and Playground, Monroe Twp., NJ

UPDATE (2010) This changed a bit last year, (from residents only to non-residents) so far we do have word that it is opened to the public, although today (6/29/2010) this is the case, I’d call to doublecheck w/  Monroe Recreation (732-723-5000) when you decide to visit..

UPDATE (2009): Just got an email from Monroe Recreation

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Fairmount Playground, Hackensack, NJ

105 Grand Avenue, Hackensack, NJ at the Fairmount School. So I’ve been on this quest to find some great ADA accessible playgrounds and was so lucky to find this one. I think the most fulfilling playgrounds are the ones that people’s heart and soul are committed to a cause and make things happen. That story

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Echo Lake Park, Mountainside, NJ

Near Park Dr. and Mill Lane intersection, Mountainside, NJ

Winter Update: Great sledding at Echo Lake, we included some pictures in our gallery below. I wrote an article about sledding around the Springfield NJ area for the local Patch, so check it out here, they include some pictures at Echo Lake as well.

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