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Gero Park, Millburn, NJ

White Oak Ridge Road and Parsonage Hill Road, Millburn, NJ. Sunny park (boy, does NJ have some really hot days) surrounded by tennis courts and ballfield, and basketball court. Has a swingset off in the distance and a grill. For both pre-school and school-age. The Millburn pool is right next to the park, and i

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Livingston Senior and Community Center, Livingston

204 Hillside Avenue, Livingston, NJ. This playground is located right next to the Community Center. We haven’t explored the center, but we did go to the playground. Great for a cloudy day since there is no shade, completely fenced. Great sandbox, and toddler area with sandbox but no sand toys, so bring your own. Livingston

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Littell People’s Park, Livingston, NJ

Located right by Livingston High School, Robert Harp Drive, you can park at the swim club parking lot adjacent to Littell People’s Park playground. This is a very popular park in Livingston, and my kids loved the ramps. It is a great shady little playground, with a generous amount of sand toys for the

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Taylor Park, Millburn, NJ

Main St. and Taylor St., Millburn, NJ. A favorite shady park in Millburn, NJ with plenty of benches. Fenced in, and 3 main playground structures. They have a sandbox but no toys. there is a co-op nursery adjacent to the park, and a bench. Adjacent to the playground is a very nice walking area. Information

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