Naaman Williams Park, Somerset, Franklin

Guest Post by Sara Rall- Naaman Williams Park, on Irving St., just north of Somerset St (Route 27) in Somerset, Franklin Twp., Somerset County is a big, sunny park with a lot to offer.

Naaman Williams Park is sunny, with a large play structure for older kids next to a small pavilion

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Thomae Park, Bridgewater, NJ

Update 1/2/2012- Recently through our comments sections we found that David Dein posted a video review, do you agree with David? I like his style, and hope to see more from him, here’s his fan club too: David A. Dein Fan Club. Check it out, and add your comments too! Guest

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Woodland School, Warren, NJ

Guest post by Sara Rall: Woodland School playground (114 Stirling Rd., Warren, Somerset County) is a lovely, shady school playground with some interesting equipment. They have a very nice 4-person bouncy see-saw, a fire-truck climber, a rolling log, a very complex set of monkey bars, tire swing and regular swings.

There are

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Veteran’s Memorial Park, Middlesex, NJ

Thanks Sara Rall for another great guest post! Veteran’s Memorial Park, at the east end of Legion Place off Mountain Ave. in Middlesex, Middlesex County, is the ideal place for a toddler playgroup to meet.

The park is completely fenced and far from the busy road. They have two nice climbing

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Califon Island Park, Bank Rd., Califon, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall- (love the pictures, Sara!) Califon Island Park, on Bank Rd. just north of Mill St. in Califon (Hunterdon Co.) is one of the few remaining wooden castle playgrounds in the state. The playground has a large, interconnected wooden structure, with a section for little ones including a small slide

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Harding Township School, New Vernon, NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall- (please note this playground is most likely unavailable during school hours)

Harding Township School, at the corner of Long Hill and Lees Hill Roads in New Vernon (Morris Co.) has a large play structure with an astounding number of interesting details.

The main structure has lots of slides including a

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Spruce Run, Hampton, NJ

For additional information check out the NJ State Parks link From Sara Rall-

Spruce Run, 1 Van Syckles Rd., Hampton, Union Twp. (Hunterdon Co.) is a beautiful state park on a big reservoir. There is an entrance fee in the summer.

The park has an average-sized play structure and swings right next to

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The Intrepid Museum, NYC NY

West side of Manhattan on Pier 86, 12th Ave. & 46th Street, New York City, NY

For the many options on how to get there, click here.

Ok, so we are again veering off NJ, but I can’t resist documenting our family trips to share with others. If you have kids who really love airplanes,

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Inman Park, Franklin NJ

Guest Post by Sara Rall-

Inman Park, on Leupp Lane off John F Kennedy Blvd. in Franklin Township (Somerset County) has some very nice play equipment in a beautiful setting.

Be sure to park in the lot further to the northeast or you will have a long, hot trudge past the

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